How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch with the New WatchTube app Learn Everything

Apple Watch was unable to stream YouTube videos for years. WatchTube, a new app that allows you to stream videos from your watch, is now available.

The Apple Watch is a popular smartwatch. Apple has added new features to the Apple Watch over the years to make it more versatile. Apple Watch Series 7 has the latest features. It can measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and provide insights about ECG and sleep patterns.

The device can also be used for almost all tasks on an iPhone. This includes making calls, responding to messages, and accessing other apps.

Apple Watch was unable to stream YouTube videos for years. WatchTube is a new app that allows users to stream YouTube videos from their smartwatch. The Apple App Store has the app available for download. It doesn’t require users to set up an iPhone.

WatchTube features

  • Watching videos
  • Searching videos
  • Super-speed metadata cache
  • View information like descriptions, likes and views
  • Home Feed
  • Curation and customized recommendations
  • View the history
  • Subscribe to and like videos
  • All things done on Watch, standalone from the phone
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Audio-only mode (coming soon), with HQ audio

This is how you can watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch

The process is very simple. The WatchTube app must be downloaded from the Apple App Store to users’ smartwatches. After the app has been installed on the Apple Watch users can search for and play different YouTube videos. The WatchTube app also has four sections: Search, Library and Home. These sections can also be found in the regular YouTube app for iPhone and Android.

Search for videos can be done with either the Apple Watch’s keyboard or voice-to-text technology.

Users will be able subscribe to channels and save videos to WatchTube. There are also features such as QR code scanner, which allows users to view the same video on multiple devices like an iPhone or iPad, and video captions with adjustable font sizes. Users can listen to the sound by either connecting to AirPods or replying to Apple Watch’s speakers. The app is a unique use case for Apple Watch. Users might not use the app as much because they have better and more powerful devices to consume content.

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