How to view, edit and delete Google Sheets version history

Excel sheets can be accessed via the Microsoft App (which is built-in) Google Sheets . Google Sheets allows users to access the Excel sheet from their web browser, without the need for any special software. Multiple people can simultaneously work on the same spreadsheet at once. Other users can also view the changes that have been made to the spreadsheet. All you need to do is create a Google Workspace To access these features, you must create an account

Use Version History Google Sheets

Miscommunications or other factors can lead to mistakes when there are many people working on the same spreadsheet. It is crucial to have backups you can access and return to in such situations.

1. Navigate to Files from the Menu bar


2. Scroll down to find the Version history


3. Click the small arrow next to the Version history, and choose See version history. (Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H).


4. Click the three dots next to the name of the version


5. Click on Restore to view an older version. You’ll be taken to the older version.

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