How To Use Mobile As CCTV Camera

In This Article, We Will Know About How To Use Mobile Phone As Cctv Camera Without Investing Extra Money.

At some point or another, everybody has considered the installation of a surveillance camera in their homes. One thing that is a major deterrent for many is the expense associated with the installation of a lot of CCTV cameras, and then storing all the footage they capture.

How To Use Mobile As CCTV Camera
How To Use Mobile As CCTV Camera

You don’t have to spend a extra money on a home surveillance system or numerous CCTV cameras to make sure your home is safe. With the help of a variety of free applications available in both Google PlayStore and the App Store, you can make use of your old mobiles as a DIY CCTV camera, and then install the cameras yourself by using some simple DIY tips.

Selecting And Installing Best Security Camera App.

There are plenty of alternatives to choose from however, it is best to choose a product that has cross-platform capabilities, features such as cloud and local streaming and recording, as well as saving footage locally or on clouds, is able to detect motion and issue alerts.

We decided to use “Alfred DIY CCTV Home Camera For Android” And  “Alfred DIY CCTV Home Camera For Apple IOS” because it has more than 500k reviews, more than 1 billion downloads and has been highly reviewed. Additionally making the phone work using Alfred is very simple.

  1. Download the app to both of the devices: the phone you plan to use as a camera as well as the phone is carried on your person.
  2. When you are driving your car Complete the introduction and select “Start.” Then, select “Viewer” and tap “Next.”
  3. You’ll be required to login. We recommend that you sign into Google using the Google Account you have created. Google Account, as it helps you sign in faster.
  4. On the phone that is supposed to serve as the CCTV camera Repeat the entire procedure. However, instead of pressing”Viewer,” instead of tapping the “Viewer” option, tap on “Camera.” Ensure that you’re signed in with that exact Google account.

You’re all done now. You can experiment with the settings to activate recordings of audio, motion sensors and whether or not to send you an alert when something suspect occurs. Whatever software you are using the process of setting up is the same and can be handled quickly.

Positioning Camera At Right Direction

Once you’ve got your security camera running it is time to place the camera physically in the location that offers the most optimal view. Select a shelf situated at an elevation that will give you the entire view of your living space. Be sure the field of view also includes the entry points to your home, and the place where you store your belongings. Always check your new phone to determine the view you’re seeing precisely. Make sure that the camera doesn’t appear out of place. Also, check to it that your phone is connected securely to the WiFi and has a solid connection.

Mounting Mobile Phone And Switching It On

There are a myriad of options with this. You can make use of one of the suction cup mounts for phones which are commonly used in automobiles or make use of mini tripods specially designed for phones.

For your device to be powered be sure to have a lengthy charging cable to charge your phone. It is recommended to choose a device with a battery that is removable. This way, you are able to charge the device with just an power cord. If you don’t own an Android phone that has an external battery, you’ll need switch off the device on and then turn off the device off whenever it’s not in use.

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You could also opt for an ad-hoc cable or charge your phone using the power bank. Be sure to get at minimum 3-4 times the amount as the capacity that’s rated for your phone’s battery capacity, since streaming videos is a very power-intensive process.

That’s it. This is how you can create a highly effective security system by using some DIY techniques, on the constraints of a budget. It is possible to install a range of different mobiles with one WiFI connection with the same account, and have an extremely broad coverage of your entire house.

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