How To Use Auto-Captions Feature For Voice Tweets

The feature “Voice Tweets” is currently (28 may 2022) available on iOS and the platform plans to expand the feature to other users.

Twitter has launched a new feature which adds captions to voice tweets. It means that users will be allowed to add captions on your voice-tweets. Voice Tweets is an innovative method of expressing users’ opinions on micro-blogging platforms that will limit users to 280 characters.

We took your feedback and we’re doing the work. To improve accessibility features, captions for voice Tweets are rolling out today.

Now when you record a voice Tweet, captions will automatically generate and appear. To view the captions on web, click the “CC” button.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) July 15, 2021

This feature allows Twitter users to communicate more emotions through their tweets as opposed to the standard text. It also allows those who are visually challenged, as well as those who prefers speaking instead of typing to communicate in a non-intrusive way.

How to use Twitter Voice Tweet?

To enable captions, click the ‘CC’ icon located in the upper right side of the screen for the voice. Additionally, only the latest voice tweets are eligible to take advantage of this feature. Users are also able to attach voice tweets to text, either to give it additional context or to allow those who are visually impaired to hear your tweet.

How to listen to any tweets of a voice?

Voice Tweets will be able to be discovered and accessible by users because they be displayed as audio clips. Voice tweets will display the sharer’s name in the background , which will be clear to click or open. When you click the play button the tweet will start playing.

At present, the feature is available only for iOS The platform is planning to extend the service to all users.

Twitter's auto-captions for voice tweets
Twitter’s auto-captions for voice tweets

Twitter reported to have introduced the feature last year but now made it available to everyone. Following its introduction it was criticized because it did not have captions. However the other social media platform has since added captions to voice tweets.

If users send the first voice tweet today captions will automatically be created in the supported languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean, and Italian.

“As part of our ongoing work to make Twitter accessible for everyone, we’re rolling out automated captions for Voice Tweets to iOS,” Gurpreet Kaur, Twitter’s head of accessibility globally at Twitter stated in an announcement.

Kaur added that the new feature isn’t ideal at first because the new concept of the company is to improve accessibility all over the globe. Kaur also said that they’re excited to bring an inclusive and welcoming service for all users.

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