How to Send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Mobile Number

In this article we will learn about how we can Send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Mobile Number. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to send a WhatsApp message to someone without saving their phone number in your mobile phone. While you may wish to share your location with a courier guy, or something similar, you don’t want the save other person’s mobile number in your phone as its not necessary to save. These simple tricks may be helpful in such situations. There are many ways to accomplish this, and we’ve listed them all here.

How to Send Massages with Official WhatsApp link in Android and Apple Devices

  • Visit: . Country code must be prefixed to the number. For USA Its 1.
  • After entering the correct phone number and prefix country code, you’ll be taken to a WhatsApp page. You will be asked to either open the WhatsApp app immediately or tap the green-colored “Continue Chat” button to redirect to the messaging app.

send whatsapp msg without number

You can send a message, or have a lengthy conversation, as many times as you like.

How to do this in IPHONE (IOS) Using Unsaved Number SIRI Shortcut

  • Got To iCloud link and click on “Get Shortcut”. This will add the WhatsApp Unsaved Number option in the Shortcuts app to your iPhone.
  • Open the Shortcuts app in the iOS App Library to access the feature immediately. You can also find it in the Shortcuts widget located on the Widgets Library right side of your iOS home screen.
  • You can now tap on the WhatsApp Unsaved Number shortcut. This will launch it and prompt to enter your phone number with the country code prefix. Hit enter.

IPHONE (IOS) Using unsaved number SIRI Shortcut

You will be taken to the WhatsApp chat window, where you can message the person directly without saving their number.

How to Send Massages in IPHONE (IOS Only) by Disabling Contact Sharing with WhatsApp

  • Uncheck WhatsApp’s access for Contacts in iOS Settings > Privacy menu > Contacts.
  • You will now see numbers only for the contacts you have saved on your phone. This is because you have disabled Contacts Sharing. To start chatting, you can tap the Messaging icon at the top right. Before you click on ‘Start Chat,’ make sure the country code has been correctly selected.

IPHONE (IOS Only) by disabling contact sharing with WhatsApp

How to Send WhatsApp Massages with Easy Message App Only for Android

All you have to do is download the Easy Message App and install it from the Google Play Store. Open the app, and then enter your mobile number and country code. Click on “Start Chat in WhatsApp” This is a simple method, but you should read the privacy and data policies of the developer before using it.

Send WhatsApp Massages with Easy Message App Only for Android

That’s all. This was easy, we trust. We will continue to add more WhatsApp tutorials, tips and tricks for you in near future.

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