How To Screenshot On Mac Computer

Mac Book
Mac Book

Learn How To Screenshot On Mac in this article. If you don’t want to spend the time downloading them, taking a screenshot on a Mac can be a great way to save images and time. These are some of the ways you can capture a portion of your screen, a specific window or the entire screen as a screenshot.

How to screenshot a selection from Mac screen

1. Use Command-Shift-4 on your keyboard. Are you wondering if they have to be held down simultaneously? Yes, it is possible. Apple Support suggests pressing Shift-Command-4 but technically, but we can use also the command button first followed by shift and then 4.

how to take screenshot on MacBook
how to take screenshot on MacBook

2. Move your tracking pad or mouse over the area that you wish to capture. After pressing Command-Shift-4 your mouse will transform into what can only been described as a target icon. This is a symmetrical “t”, with a circle around its center. Now you are ready to capture! Drag the icon to the desired area of the screen using your mouse or trackpad.

macbook screenshot symmetrical t
MacBook screenshot symmetrical t

3. You can press the Escape button (esc) to exit the screenshot if you are in step 2. If not, lineup your selection.

4. Once you’ve made the right choice, click on the button to release your mouse. Voila! Your screenshot will now appear on your desktop. It is saved as a.png. The “Screen Shot” label will appear on your desktop. This will include the date and the time of the screenshot, down to the second. Apple doesn’t skip a beat.

How to screenshot a specific window on Mac

1. Start by pressing Command-Shift-4 on the keyboard.

2. Once the target icon appears, use the space bar to transform the icon into a camera icon.

3. To take a screenshot of a particular window, drag the camera icon above any menu, bar or window. Drag the icon to open a window and it will glow blue.

4. The screenshot will be saved to your desktop the same way as step 4 given above.

How to screenshot entire screen on Mac

1. Use Command-Shift-3 on your keyboard.

2. The entire screen including your dock and any other windows visible on the screen will be saved to your desktop as a screenshot in the same way as the previous methods.

After mastering these techniques, you can also try out other screenshot variants for Mac computers provided by apple support running MacOS Mojave.

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