How to Schedule Email Sending and Delay Delivery in Outlook

Do you find yourself wanting to compose an email but not immediately send it, or needing to send something important but fearing you’ll forget? No longer worry; Microsoft Outlook allows you to set a delay delivery so you can take control of your inbox. In this article we’ll show how easy it is to set this essential feature up within Outlook.

What is Scheduling Email Sending and Delaying Delivery in Outlook?

Scheduled email sending and delayed delivery in Outlook are two features that enable users to compose emails at an ideal time and date, with the aim of having it arrive at its recipient at precisely the right moment. It can be particularly beneficial for time-sensitive communications; you can set the ideal moment and time for it to reach its recipient.

How to Schedule Email Sending and Delay Delivery in Outlook

Follow these simple steps to schedule email sending and delay delivery in Outlook:

Step 1: Compose a New Email

Open Microsoft Outlook and click on “New Email” to compose your message.

Step 2: Access the “Options” Tab

Once you’ve written your email, navigate to the “Options” tab located in the Ribbon at the top of the window.

Step 3: Click on “Delay Delivery”

Under the “More Options” group, click on the “Delay Delivery” button. This will open the “Properties” dialog box.

Step 4: Set the “Do not deliver before” Option

In the “Properties” dialog box, locate the “Delivery options” section. Check the box next to “Do not deliver before,” and set the desired date and time for your email to be sent. Then, click “Close.”

Step 5: Send Your Email

Once your delayed delivery settings have been configured, click “Send.” Your email will remain in the Outbox until its scheduled time of sending; Outlook will then send it automatically.

Note: Please ensure Outlook is running during the scheduled time for email to be sent out.

Enhance Your Email Scheduling with Add-ins and Tools

While Outlook’s built-in features are handy, you can also consider using third-party tools and add-ins like SalesHandy or Ablebits to improve your email scheduling experience.

Additional Tips for Scheduling Emails in Outlook

To make your email scheduling experience even better, consider the following tips:

Use Rules for Automated Email Management

Outlook’s Rules feature allows you to automate the management of both incoming and outgoing email, making life more efficient for yourself by moving, flagging, or deleting specific emails based on criteria you define. Combine Rules with delayed delivery for maximum efficiency!

Customize Your Email Reminders

Outlook lets you customize your email reminders for added convenience. To set up reminders for important messages, right-click on the email, choose “Follow Up,” and then select “Add Reminder.”

Explore Email Templates

Make life simpler by creating and using email templates for repetitive messages. To create one, compose a new email, click File then “Save As,” select Outlook Template as the file type, and save. To use one later go to New Items/More Items/Choose Form.”

With these practical tips and a step-by-step guide to scheduling email sending and delaying delivery in Outlook, you’re now fully in charge of your email communications. Don’t forget to explore additional features, add-ins and tools to enhance your experience even further and make Outlook usage more efficient and effective!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the scheduled time for a delayed email?

Yes, you can easily change the scheduled delivery time of a delayed email. To do this, open it in your Outbox folder, adjust its “Do not deliver before” settings, and click “Send.”

Will my email be sent if my computer is turned off or Outlook is closed?

No email will be sent if your computer or Outlook is turned off at its scheduled time, so make sure both are running.

Can I schedule recurring emails in Outlook?

Outlook doesn’t provide an inbuilt feature to schedule recurring emails, but you can still do this using third-party add-ins or creating a calendar appointment with an attachment of your message as the email message.

Is email scheduling available in Outlook for mobile devices?

Unfortunately, email scheduling is not supported in Outlook Mobile; to schedule your emails effectively you will need to use Outlook’s desktop version instead.

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