How to make real money online 5 best gaming sites 2022

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Did you know that you can earn real money playing online games? It’s true! Many online gaming sites allow you to win cash, gift cards or other valuable prizes. Many of these online games offer real money prizes, and many are completely free to start with. Here are 5 top gaming sites that you can win real cash in 2022.

These are the 5 top real-money winning gaming sites for 2022
These are the top 5 gaming sites you should check out in 2022 if you want to make real money online.

  1. Lucky Block Daily Giveaways Starting at $2.2 Million
  2. Gamee – Online Gaming Site with Multiple Ways to Win
  3. Blackout Bingo – make real money online playing bingo
  4. Swagbucks –  Wide Range of Games with Payouts Up to $45
  5. Gods unchained – best non-foot game in 2022

Let’s take a closer look at 5 of the best online gaming websites

Lucky Block A new crypto game is offering $2.2 million in prizes to its players. Each day, one winner is chosen and the game continues until there is cash left in the prize pool.
It is free to join the Lucky Block cryptocurrency game. Connect your crypto wallet to the platform and you will automatically be entered into the daily drawing. You can buy additional Lucky Block entries for $5 each if you want to increase your chances of winning.
You can also earn free cryptocurrency every day if Lucky Block’s, LBLOCK, is purchased. This is because 10% of all prizes are reserved for LBLOCK holders, and then distributed as a reward. You can also feel good about this crypto game.
Lucky Block also offers a second daily draw that you should be aware of. There are only 10,000 entries. The prize is 2% off the main jackpot. A $1 million prize was given away on the first day of the drawing.
Lucky Blocks are your best bet to get in the draw. Platinum Rollers Club NFTs These products are only available through the NFT LaunchPad marketplace.
Note: Crypto assets can be a volatile and unregulated investment product.

Gamee – An online gaming site that offers multiple ways to win

Gamee is an online gaming platform that offers cash prizes via a variety luck- and skill-based games. This platform allows you to choose from hundreds mini-games. These mini-games include card games, interactive quests, tournaments, and some that are just cards. You’ll get tickets for every time you play.
You can accumulate 10,000 tickets to redeem them for an entry in a weekly lottery drawing. The jackpot drawing’s value was $1,350 at the time of writing. Gamee has distributed more than $1.2million to players.
Gamee doesn’t just offer a jackpot drawing. You can also spin the fortune wheel once a day to win cash prizes. You can also sign up for Gamee once per day for seven days to be eligible to spin a cash wheel.

Blackout Bingo – Play online bingo and make real money

Blackout Bingo is an online game of bingo that offers cash prizes to its winners. This game is fast. Every round of bingo takes just two minutes. Keep track of all the balls you have picked, mark your scorecard and declare bingo first for a chance to win. Additional points can be earned for playing double bingo and for finishing your board in a short time.
Blackout Bingo allows you to redeem points earned in the game for money through PayPal, or merchandise such as t-shirts or phone cases. The game can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

Swagbucks: Wide variety of games with payouts as high as $45

Swagbucks, a vast platform that allows you to earn money by watching ads, playing games, or taking surveys, is designed to make it easy for you to get paid. This platform is a great choice for gamers because of the large number of games available. There are many games to choose from, including bingo, card games, dice games and slots.
Swagbucks makes it easy to understand the milestones that you must reach in each game to earn cash. There’s always another milestone waiting for you at the end of each milestone. And the prize payouts increase as you progress in the game. Swagbucks prizes start at $3 and go up to $45 for each milestone.
Your prize can be claimed in cash or gift cards. You can redeem Amazon gift cards as soon as you have enough points to receive a $1 payout.

Gods Unchained: Best NFT Game in 2022

Gods Unchained will be one of the most popular play-to-earn game in 2022. The former head game designer at Magic: The Gathering created this deck-building NFT game. This game requires skill and thoughtful strategy, not luck.
Gods Unchained is free for everyone. To help you get started fighting with others and earning rewards in the in-game cryptocurrency, “GODS”, the platform provides a starter deck. To buy more advanced cards, you can redeem GODS on the game’s marketplace. You can also take your coins to an Exchange to exchange them for Bitcoin or cash.
Each trading card in Gods Unchained has an NFT. This means that your deck will retain its value over time. You can cash out your cards by simply selling them on the Gods Unchained market when you are ready.


It is now easier than ever to make real money playing online games. Sign up on many free sites and you can start winning cash prizes within minutes.
Lucky Block is the best crypto game. It offers the highest payout. Lucky Block, the most popular crypto game in 2022, offers daily giveaways starting at $2.2 million. Connect your crypto wallet to get free entry into the prize draw. Register today to be eligible for a chance at winning!
Disclaimer: How To Wall disclaims all warranties, implied or expressed, regarding it. It also does not guarantee, vouch or necessarily endorse any content. The high-risk nature of crypto products and NFTs is unregulated. These transactions may not be subject to regulatory oversight.

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