How to make iPhone nightshift work

iphone night shift using on bed

In quintessential Apple Style, dark mode is not actually the name of this feature on iPhones and other Apple devices. It is actually called the Night Shift The functionality is the same, but apps get a darker look. Night Shift mode for iPhone adjusts the display’s colour and gives it a warmer appearance to make it easier on the eyes. Night Shift is a feature that uses the geolocation and clock of the device to determine sunset times in your area. It then automatically adjusts the display’s colour to warmer colours, and then returns it to the default setting at the beginning of the morning.

Night Shift can be turned on or off in two different ways

Method 1: Go directly to the Control Centre Tap on the icon to activate Night Shift.

1. Go to Settings

iphone settings

2. Choose Display and Brightness

iPhone Choose Display and Brightness


3. Night Shift: Tap

iphone Night Shift: Tap


4. You can set a time and date for Night Shift to automatically turn on and adjust the colour temperature

iphone et a time and date for Night Shift to automatically

5. Night Shift: Tap

iphone night shift select

1. Continue the steps above, then go to Setting and tap Display and Brightness.

iphone settings

2. Night Shift: Tap

iphone Night Shift: Tap


3. Tap Night Shift, and choose From/To from the Schedule section. Make sure that the Schedule option has been enabled.


tap night shift and close

4. You can schedule it from Sunset to Sunrise, or Custom by entering a time slot

schedule iphone night shift

Now you’re all set! You can set the time period for Night Shift to activate automatically. If you are impressed by the ease Night Shift makes for your iOS device, you can also try it out by choosing both Night Shift or Dark mode.

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