How to find your Wi Fi network password in Windows 11 And Older Versions

While some people keep their passwords or remember them, many don’t. Here are some ways to find the Wi-Fi password for your network.

Sometimes, you might forget your password for Wi-Fi at home. You will need the password to give the password to your guests, or to enter it again after disconnection of the Wi-Fi network. While some people keep their passwords in writing or remember it, many don’t.

There is an easy way to find the Wi-Fi network password. It’s not difficult and it is easy to find the password in Windows. For more information, you can refer to the steps below. These steps work for older Windows versions as well. People with a different Windows version won’t have any trouble finding their Wi-Fi password.

How do you find your Wi Fi network password in Windows 11

Step 1: In Windows 11, click the Start button and type control panel. Next, select Control Panel > Network & Internet > Network & Sharing Center.

Step 2: Next to Connections, users will need to choose their Wi-Fi network name in Network and Sharing Center.

Step 3: Select Wireless Properties in Wi-Fi Status

Step 4: Select Wireless Network Properties and then the Security tab. Next, check the Show characters check box.

Step 5: The Network security key box displays your Wi-Fi network password. Simply click on the show characters option to see your password.

Notice: This process is the same for all Windows versions. Windows 10 users can simply click the Start button and then select Settings > Network &Internet > Status > Network, Sharing Center. Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users will first need to search Network, and then choose Network and Sharing Center from among the results.

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