How to Find duplicates in Excel

How to Find duplicates in Excel

Microsoft Excel can be used to manage data, financial, and business tasks. MS Excel is able to effectively save and collect a large amount of data.

Duplicating data can make it difficult to understand your data. Conditional formatting can be used to highlight duplicate data. This will allow you to review duplicates and decide whether you want them removed.

Excel offers a way to locate duplicate data and remove it. To avoid losing any data, it is a good idea also to copy the original data into another worksheet. This step-by-step guide will help you find duplicate Excel data.


Step 1  Open Excel, then select the sheet that you wish to edit.

Step 2 Next, select the cells that you wish to verify for duplicates.

Note that Excel cannot highlight duplicates within the value area in a PivotTable Report.

Step 3 Click on Home and then on Conditional formatting

Step 4  Now Highlight the Cell’s Rules, then the Duplicate Values.

Step 5 Select the formatting that you wish to apply to duplicate values in the box next to them and click OK.

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