How To Find a “User Not Found” on Instagram: Detailed Guide


Instagram is an very popular social media platform that allows users to connect, share photos, videos and stories. When browsing Instagram you may come across accounts with error messages saying “User Not Found,”. In this guide we will learn how to locate “User Not Found” accounts as well as possible causes behind this error message and also offer an FAQ section with frequently asked questions related to this problem.

Instagram User Not Found Error Message on a Smartphone Screen

Reasons Behind “User Not Found” on Instagram

Before diving in and trying to figure out why Instagram shows “User Not Found”, it is crucial to understand its cause. Some potential causes of the error message are:

1. The Account Has Been Deleted or Deactivated

One of the primary causes for the “User Not Found” error message is due to an account having been deleted or deactivated by its user. Instagram offers users the ability to temporarily suspend their accounts so they are unusable by others.

Illustration of an Instagram Deactivated Account

2. The Account Has Been Banned or Suspended

Instagram maintains stringent community guidelines, and any account which violates them risks being banned or suspended, and in such a case will no longer appear visible, you’ll simply see a “User Not Found” message instead.

3. The Username Has Been Changed

If the user has changed their Instagram username, their old link may show a “User Not Found” message and require using their new one to locate their account.

4. You’ve Been Blocked by the User

When someone blocks you on Instagram, their profile won’t be visible and when trying to access their account you will see “User Not Found”.

How To Find a “User Not Found” on Instagram

Now that we understand what could be behind an Instagram “User Not Found” message, let’s examine how we can locate such accounts:

1. Search for the User’s New Username

If the user has altered their username, search Instagram or other social media platforms for them. If they’re connected with you on other channels such as Facebook or Twitter, check their linked Instagram account to locate their new handle.

2. Use Third-Party Tools

Third-party tools exist that can assist with finding Instagram profiles. For example, Webstagram and Picodash allow you to search using various parameters such as usernames, hashtags or locations to locate profiles on Instagram.

3. Ask Mutual Friends or Followers

If you share mutual friends or followers with the user you’re searching for, asking if they know their username could help or if their account has been closed down, deactivated, or suspended could provide valuable clues as to where it may have gone.

Additional Tips and Tricks

If you are still having difficulty with finding an Instagram “User Not Found,” here are a few extra strategies that might help locate their profile:

1. Search for the User’s Email Address or Phone Number

If you know their email or phone number, try searching Instagram using these details to locate their profile. Users can link their accounts directly with email addresses or phone numbers – an effective method of finding people!
See this video:

2. Use Google Search

Google Search makes it easy to locate an Instagram profile by entering their name or username with “Instagram” as your search query. This may help you locate new usernames or discover whether accounts have been deleted or deactivated.

3. Check Instagram Stories and Tagged Photos

If the person has been tagged in other users’ posts or stories, you can attempt accessing their profile through these tags. Note that this method might not work if their account has been deleted, deactivated, or they have blocked you.

4. Be Patient

Instagram may occasionally experience technical difficulties that temporarily make certain profiles inaccessible, if this appears to be the case for someone you’re searching, wait a few hours and try searching again for them.


Finding “User Not Found” on Instagram may be difficult, but by understanding the possible reasons behind an error message and following these methods you can increase your chances of successfully finding their profile. Keep in mind if you encounter such an error message that the account could have been deleted, deactivated, banned or blocked – always respect privacy by abiding by Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of service in order to avoid future similar issues.

Can I still see the content of a “User Not Found” profile?

No, you cannot see the content of a “User Not Found” profile. The account is either deleted, deactivated, banned, or has blocked you.

Is there a way to recover a deleted Instagram account?

No, once an Instagram account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. However, if the account was only temporarily deactivated, you can reactivate it by logging back in.

How can I know if I have been blocked on Instagram?

If you suspect being blocked by someone, try searching their profile using another account or asking a mutual friend if their profile can still be seen by everyone except for yourself. If their profile can still be seen by everyone except yourself, then chances are good you have been blocked.

Can I reactivate my Instagram account if I temporarily deactivated it?

Yes, it is possible to reactivate your Instagram account simply by signing back in again – however it may take several hours before everything has been restored fully.

Can I find out why an Instagram account was suspended or banned?

Instagram does not disclose the specific reasons for an account suspension or ban, however, most suspensions and bans occur due to violations of their community guidelines or terms of service. Users seeking more information should reach out to Instagram Support directly for more assistance.

How can I find someone on Instagram if their account is set to private?

Search a private account using their username or other search parameters, but won’t be able to see their content until they accept your follow request.

What should I do if I cannot find someone on Instagram using the search function?

If you are having difficulty locating someone on Instagram using its search feature, try third-party tools such as Webstagram or Picodash, searching their email address/phone number/or asking mutual followers/friends for assistance.

Are there any alternative methods to find an Instagram account if it’s not showing up in search results?

Yes, there are various strategies you can employ when looking for someone on Instagram and other social media platforms: search the profile using third-party tools, ask mutual followers or friends, use third-party search tools, ask mutual followers or followers directly about potential leads, check Instagram stories/tagged photos that might mention said user etc.

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