How to check the battery life of your smartphone

Your Android smartphone may have been experiencing battery problems. Your battery might have been being drained by certain apps or may simply be getting old or worse. There are still ways to squeeze the most juice from your phone’s battery.

Samsung also suggests that you limit your maximum charge to 85 percent to prolong the battery’s life.

While Apple offers iPhone users the option to check their battery health through Settings, some Android phones do not have that option. We have some secrets to reveal for you, so we’ve got your back. There are many ways to check your battery health and track charging cycles. You can also optimize it.

Here are some ways to check your Android smartphone’s battery health.

AccuBattery App – AccuBattery has been rated as one of the most reliable and trusted battery tracking apps on the market. It not only displays the battery health on your smartphone but also shows you the temperature of the battery while you are using it and charging. It also displays charging speed, charge status, charge status, and charge current.

Samsung smartphone You can monitor your battery health in Settings if you have a Samsung smartphone. Open Settings. Go to Battery and Device Care and then open Diagnostics. This will show you your battery health. Tap the Optimize button on the device page if your phone is lagging or draining battery.

OnePlus smartphone OnePlus lets its users monitor their battery status through the OnePlus Care app. Click on the Download button to install the app. Tap on Custom Diagnosis, then Battery, and click Start. This will display details like battery health and charging status.

These simple steps can increase the battery life on your Android smartphone.

Step 1

Your smartphone should be charged at least 80-85 percent. This is the ideal battery percentage. This ensures your phone is fully charged and prevents overcharging.

Step 2

Never leave your smartphone in direct sunlight or in high temperatures.

Step 3

To keep track of which apps are draining your battery, use the built-in battery settings.

Step 4

To save battery, keep your smartphone’s refresh speed at 60Hz. Turn off the always-on display to turn on auto brightness.

Step 5:

To prevent excessive battery drain, turn off your GPS and set your screen-off to 30 seconds.

Step 6

Dark mode can be turned on if you have an OLED-display smartphone.

What happens if the battery health drops below 80 percent?

Apple claims that smartphones function optimally when they have 80 percent battery life. Your smartphone’s battery health should not be below 80 percent. This could lead to signs such as frequent charging, slow charging, or drastic drops in battery life. If your battery health drops below 80 percent, you might need to replace it.

Many manufacturers offer battery replacement at authorized service centers.

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