How to Blur Background in Zoom

Blurring Your Background in Zoom Meetings

With the rise of remote work and online meetings, Zoom has become a popular platform for virtual communication. One feature that can greatly improve your video call experience is the ability to blur your background. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to blur background in Zoom meetings, helping you maintain a professional appearance, privacy and eliminate distractions.

Why Blur Your Background in Zoom Meetings?

Blurring your background in Zoom meetings offers several benefits:

  • Enhances privacy by hiding personal or sensitive items in your surroundings
  • Reduces visual distractions, allowing participants to focus on the speaker
  • Provides a more professional appearance
  • Allows for more flexibility in choosing a location for your video call

Requirements for Blurring Background in Zoom

Before learning how to blur background with Zoom, it’s essential that your system fulfills all necessary requirements. According to Zoom’s official support page, you need the following:

  • Zoom Desktop Client version 5.5.0 or higher for Windows or macOS
  • A compatible processor (see the list of supported processors)
  • A working webcam

How to Enable Background Blur in Zoom

Once you’ve verified that your system meets the requirements, follow these steps to enable background blur in Zoom:

  1. Open the Zoom Desktop Client on your computer and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner to access the Settings menu.
  3. Select the “Background & Filters” tab from the left-side menu.
  4. Under the “Virtual Backgrounds” section, you will see a variety of background options, including image and video backgrounds.
  5. Choose the “Blur” option by clicking on it. Your background will now appear blurred in your video feed.

To enable background blur during an ongoing Zoom meeting:

  1. Click on the “Video” icon at the bottom of the screen and select “Choose Virtual Background…”
  2. Follow steps 4 and 5 from the previous section to apply the blur effect.

Troubleshooting Blurred Background Issues

If you encounter any issues while trying to blur your background in Zoom, consider the following solutions:

  • Update your Zoom Desktop Client: Ensure you have the latest version installed.
  • Check your processor compatibility: Verify that your processor meets the minimum requirements for virtual backgrounds.
  • Adjust your lighting: Ensure your environment has adequate lighting to improve the effectiveness of the blur effect.
  • Disable hardware acceleration: In the Zoom settings, navigate to “Video” and uncheck “Enable hardware acceleration for video processing.” This may resolve issues on some systems.

Additional Tip: Optimize Your Webcam Position and Angle

Zoom can make video calls look better by blurring your background, but for even greater success, optimizing webcam position and angle may provide even greater improvement. Here are a few tips to help you create the ideal setup:

  • Position the camera at eye level: By placing your camera at eye level, video calls will have a more natural and engaging perspective. This can be accomplished either with the aid of a webcam stand or elevating your laptop using something such as books as an aid.
  • Maintain an appropriate distance: Be mindful that you’re sitting comfortably and appropriately close to the camera – about an arm’s length away usually provides an optimal balance between showing your face and not being too near.
  • Choose a flattering angle: Experiment with different camera angles to find one that is most flattering for your face. Slightly angling the camera downward can often create a more flattering perspective.


Finding out how to blur background in Zoom meetings can be an effective way of increasing your virtual presence and maintaining professional appearance during video calls. By following this article’s steps, it will allow you to effortlessly enable background blur and enhance the video conferencing experience.

Zoom settings showing the blur background option

Kindly stay informed on Zoom’s latest features and improvements by visiting their official website and support page.

Can I blur my background in Zoom on mobile devices?

At this time, background blur is only supported on Zoom Desktop Client for Windows and macOS, mobile users may still use virtual backgrounds, however, its availability remains unsupported.

How can I improve the quality of the blurred background?

To achieve an enhanced blur effect, ensure you have appropriate lighting in your environment. Aim to avoid too much backlight, and strive to have a relatively uniform background behind you so that the blur effect is more pronounced.

Can I use a custom image as my virtual background and still blur it?

Yes, you are able to upload your custom image as the virtual background and apply a blur effect with it. Simply go into the Virtual Backgrounds section and upload your file, once uploaded select “Blur” option.

Are there any alternative tools for blurring my background in Zoom?

If Zoom doesn’t have a feature for blurring background images, third-party applications like Krisp or NVIDIA Broadcast may offer similar solutions.

Do I need a green screen to blur my background in Zoom?

No, you don’t need a green screen to blur your background in Zoom. The blur feature works without any additional equipment.

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