How to Automatically Delete Gmail Unwanted or Spam Emails

Your inbox can become cluttered with promotional emails every day. Many of these emails are irrelevant and take up too much space in your inbox. It is important to remove irrelevant emails quickly ans it can consume all of your free storage space provided by Gmail. This article will demonstrate how to automatically delete Gmail emails.

Many emails are sent in today’s digital age, and many of them have no significance. These emails can quickly accumulate to a hundred if they aren’t deleted immediately. It is important to delete all emails immediately. Otherwise, your inbox could become full of spam emails.

Google offers 15GB data per Gmail user account for free of cost. This includes storage in your Google Photos and Drive. Google will charge extra storage if your Inbox, Drive or photos is full. There are ways to save this extra cost. Google also offers tools that can help you keep your storage clear by removing unwanted emails from your inbox. Unwanted emails can be deleted easily using the Gmail delete feature. These steps will help you to delete unwelcome Gmail messages.

How to Delete Unwanted or Spam Emails in Gmail

To delete unsolicited emails from Gmail, follow the steps given below.

1. Open Gmail on your desktop computer, laptop, android or IOS devices first.
2. Next, click on “Show Search Options” icon.
3. In the “From” box, type the name of the sender.
4. Next, select the Create Filter option and then choose to delete it.
5. You will need to choose the filter again.

All emails sent by this sender will now be removed from your inbox. This is an easy and free way to remove unwanted email from your Gmail Account. To delete unwanted emails, you can add multiple sender names at once.


How to Delete Old Email From Gmail Inbox

You can also delete old emails from your Gmail account by hand. But This method can be used to delete hundreds of emails in just matter of seconds. These steps will help you delete your old emails in bulk.

For this follow steps given below.

1. In the search bar, first enter name or email ID.
2. Next, select all given at the top.
3. Next, click on the delete icon.
4. This will erase hundreds of emails all at once.

How to Delete Bulk Emails From Gmail Inbox

Follow these steps to delete bulk emails from Gmail.

1. Click on the square at the top to select the 50 most important emails from Gmail.
2. This option will allow you to select the 50 most important emails from your inbox.
3. You can delete bulk emails from your inbox by selecting the option “Select all” in your Primary inbox.
4. Click on Select all “XXXXXX” Primary conversations and then click the delete icon. This will allow you to delete bulk emails from your inbox.
5. You should always take a look at all your emails before you delete them. This will ensure that important emails aren’t lost.

How To Auto Delete Emails In Gmail

Gmail offers many useful features. One of these is the ability to manage all incoming messages automatically using filters.

A filter is basically a conditional statement that instructs Gmail what action it should take if certain conditions are met. You can set up a filter to instruct Gmail to delete all email that comes from a particular address or contain the word “money”.

Filters are powerful but easy to make. This is how to delete emails from Gmail automatically using filters.

  1. Log in to access your email account
  2. Click on the Settings icon
  3. Select the See all settings option.
  4. Navigate to the Filters & Blocked Addresses tab.
  5. Click Create a New Filter.
  6. Please specify the conditions in which the filter will apply.
  7. Click on Create filter.
  8. Click the checkbox to delete it.
  9. Optional: You can apply the filter to all matches if you wish.
  10. Again, click Create filter.

Gmail will now automatically delete any new email that matches the criteria you specified when creating an email filter. You can create unlimited email filters, and you can manage them all from Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.

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