How to activate data saving mode on Android

data saving

People depend on mobile data For their daily internet needs. Android Devices have a feature that lets you set a limit for how much you can use. Data You can only use the data after a set amount of time. This limits the data you can use on your phone. It reduces data usage and saves money on mobile data.

The Data Saving Mode Allows you to reduce data usage by Android apps. One of the most sought-after features in Android is the ability to save mobile data using a single toggle. This guide will show you how to enable Data Saver mode.

1. Open system configuration on Android.

system configuration on Android


2. Go to the SIMcard & Mobile Datatab.

SIMcard & Mobile Datatab


3. Click on the Data Usage option.

Data Usage option


4. Go to the Data Saving option.

Data Saving option android


5. Enable the data saving toggle.

Enable the data saving toggle

This is a great feature, but it can also stop you from downloading large files or auto-updating your apps. Both of these actions can consume lots of data. To get better internet connectivity on your Android, you might want to disable Data Saver. The same steps can be used to disable Data Saver.

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