Google’s private information about you: How can you erase it?


Google has a lot information about you. Google collects a lot information about you when you search for something. The following information is collected by Google when you search with Google:

  • What you are looking for
  • Visited websites
  • Videos you’ve seen
  • Click or tap ads
  • Your current location
  • Information about the device
  • Cookies and IP addresses

This information is stored in a cookie that uniquely identifies your device and is linked with a Google profile. Google can track your browsing history across different websites by using cookies that respond with their ad codes. This allows them to learn more about you through triangulation. Google can track what you search for when you visit websites using cookies that respond to their ad code. Internet .

1. On the Google Search Removal page

(, check the requirements.

2. After you have double-checked your eligibility and have all the information, click the Start Removing Request button.

3. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions for all of your personal information to be deleted.

You will receive an email confirmation after you submit your request. Google will inform you if your request is granted, denied or if additional steps are needed.

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