Convesio: Best WordPress Hosting – Why is it worth it?

Convesio WordPress hostingConversio, which is well-known for being the Best WordPress Hosting, offers excellent customer support and has the highest uptime. It is also very affordable.

Conversio Flexible is a flexible platform that allows you to create complex websites with just a few clicks.

They claim that WordPress auto-scaling can be made easier by using Docker containers on the fastest cloud platforms.

What is Conversio?

Convesio, a managed services platform that uses Docker containers to target critical applications, is secure and scalable.

Convesio launched by Tom Fanelli in 2018, a highly skilled programmer and businessman.

The platform was designed to allow users to expand WordPress without the need for a system administrator.

This allows us to manage WordPress websites without any technical knowledge. It is also easy to set up a server.

Convesio allows you to host high performance websites using infinitely accessible WordPress sites.

Convesio hosts every website. Load balancers are used to distribute traffic between backend computers. A database cluster and an expandable file system are also available.

Convesio, a next-generation hosting company, also offers managed-to host to businesses.

It stands out from the rest by offering unique features like automated updates, fast and reliable service, exceptional performance, and free domain registration for any service ordered.

This is why it is determined to change the way WordPress hosting is viewed and operated.

Convesio’s container-based managed-to host service will soon be available.

Register to be the first to sign up if you want to also see the potential benefits for your client’s site.

What is Managed WordPress Web Hosting?

Managed WordPress web hosting is a service that helps with technical aspects of WordPress.

This hosting service offers great security and speed to your website, as well WordPress upgrades, data loss prevention and website availability.

This type of hosting alleviates pressure and saves time. It also guarantees smooth operation of your website if you use actual WordPress experts.

There are many managed WordPress hosting options available, but not all will offer the best level of support for your site.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is an online platform that allows users create their own websites or blogs.

It is free and open-source.

This CMS allows users to create blogs, magazines, and websites for their businesses with ease.

Developers have included a variety of features that will allow you to customize your site’s design, structure and content. You can also add new content using simple drag-and drop controls or edit existing content with great flexibility through the user interface.

Hosting with high availability

High availability is the ability of a web server to continue running without interruptions because of software or hardware issues.

When choosing a web host, this is something you should consider.

You will find a wide range of WordPress hosting services when you search for a WordPress host provider.

It is not easy to choose the right one. This article will help you find the best host provider.

Convesio is a top-ranked and reliable WordPress hosting company. It stands out in a competitive industry due to its high availability and robust hosting options.

Convesio is a great tool for promoting health and wellness.

Best WordPress Hosting Services

Below are the Features of WordPress Hosting Conversio:

Image Credit Conversio

Clustered Database

A MySQL cluster is a grouping of databases maintained by one operational database server. WordPress Convesio’s sites use strong MySQL servers to power their MySQL servers.

Mysql RDBMS allows many people to manage and build multiple databases. This ensures the efficient processing website requests.

Unrivaled uptime of the Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio’s servers are always up because they use load-balancing containers to reduce traffic strain.

It allows your site to be accessible virtually all the time, unlike other sites that may go down for a few minutes.

Scaling is also known as Automated

Auto-scaling refers to a method of dynamically changing the number active servers within a data centre.

It would be great to have your website’s resources scaled automatically to handle unexpected traffic.

Convesio uses many containers that can dynamically expand and reduce the resources, thus eliminating the need to have a system administrator.

Application Tracking

Apps run smoothly when apps are using best practices. APM is the collection of log data that developers use to track application availability, defects, resource usage, and other variables that can have an impact on end-user experience.

Convesio allows you to monitor your websites at the WordPress software level.

This indicates that modifications will need to be approved before they can be implemented.


Restoring a web-hosted database is one of the most dangerous and time-consuming jobs.

Convesio’s self restoration information feature will take care of that risk.

It keeps a backup of your database and can restore it if you lose your site.

Rapid Caching

Page caching allows you to make dynamic content static and can increase the speed of your WordPress site by up to 2x or 5x.

This is because the page’s contents generate each time a request is sent. Convesio offers these functions through a server-level cache layer.

After the first load

Conversio copies the page and displays the cached version to users.

Assures lightning-fast performance.

This prevents you activating third-party plugins.

Avoid wasting storage space.


Convesio is the most secure WordPress hosting service provider. Convesio uses cutting-edge security measures to help you monitor and scan for security threats.

You can also alter code configurations and environment variables ahead of time to protect yourself from spyware and other dangers.

Optimized for Speed

Convesio optimizes the speed of your website by using features such as page caching and clustered database. HTTP/2 increases the speed of your site and saves data bandwidth.

There are no obligations in Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio might be the best option for you if you’re looking for a transparent WordPress hosting service.

This does not obligate you to make any commitments. It also allows you migrate your website to almost any other web host service in just a few simple steps.

No charge transfer to your current WordPress hosting provider

Convesio offers a free transfer if you are serious about transferring your website from another host. This process takes more than 48 hours and is assisted by Convesio experts.

Backup is an automatic

Convesio makes it easy to quickly back up your site, replicate it, and even restore it. It automatically backs up your data.

However, restoration must be scheduled within three hours and every fifteen days.

This backup adds security to your online files by securing them and storing them at a different location.

Money-back guarantee

Convesio web hosting is one of most reliable solutions currently on the market.

You can get a free one-month trial with no credit card information. You don’t need to worry about signing up for an expensive option if it doesn’t work out.

Customer Support is available seven days a week, 24 hours a Day

Convesio can help you with your website. Convesio staff are available to assist you whenever you need them, and they are available seven days a semaine, 24 hours a.m.

This staff is so confident in their ability to lead the charge with unmatched responses that they don’t even want you to worry about technical details.

Convesio managed Services offers the Docker Platform

Server failure is a serious problem for any website. It is possible that this will happen because all your clients’ websites are on the same server.

You may get angry calls from unhappy customers looking for a quick solution. In this case, you could even lose them.

Convesio is the only WordPress company to use container technology, or Docker platforms, to address this problem.

Convesio containers are deployed on Amazon Web Services and Cloud Servers. The Docker platform can be used in many ways.

Docker makes it simple to manage software applications in containers that share the same basic os, but use their own disk space (i.e. virtual machine) using the Docker platform.

You can instantly get a speed site.

Containers can run on multiple computers so there is no need to worry about one server going down.

It is fantastic because it makes managing traffic simple and eliminates the risk of website failure.

It is much more efficient than a Virtual Private Server which allows only a set amount per site.

Cloud hosting providers allow you to host as many websites as possible.

How to create a WordPress-managed website using Convesio

Here is a guide on how to create a WordPress-managed website. The instructions have been divided into several sections so you can easily access them.

Step 1 – Get Your First WordPress Website Online

Click “sign up” on the Convesio website and then “start a trial.” This is a quick process that doesn’t require you to provide your credit card details.

Convesio’s Dashboard displays after you sign up. Also, select “Create your First Site”

You should select “Set advanced options”.

Choose the latest PHP version, the host and the Database type. Also, select the WordPress variant.

Click the “deploy” button.

You’ll see four options when you click on “manage”: 1. site panel, 2. log into wp-admin to browse the site, 3. set the web address and then remove the site.

Step 2 Configure the domain, SSL and caching

You can review the site speed score and traffic summary during the second phase. To point your domain to Convesio, you will need IP address information. The following steps will guide you through configuring the domain and caching.

  • Click on the “Add Domain” button.
  • Copy and paste domain name you have purchased.
  • You can visit the domain registrar.
  • Click the button “Add SSL Certificate”.
  • Automated backup is enabled
  • You can also modify the PHP version if you wish.
  • Autoscaling can be enabled by setting the minimum/maximum quantity.
  • Allow caching to be enabled and add a record pointing at your IP address.

Convesio Platforms of WordPress Hosting

Conversio offers three types of platforms:

Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Hosting Enterprise WordPress is easy, affordable, and time-saving.

They took a different approach and designed a platform that was flexible, fast, and redundant by design.

Convesio was the first WordPress hosting company to offer genuine auto-scaling and self-healing with no single component failures.

They are praised by IT managers because they make hosting WordPress one thing to worry about.

  • Simplicity – This system can be used to manage both personal blogs and high-traffic eCommerce websites.
  • Security – Preventive malware cleaning, vulnerability fixing and tracking
  • They are faster than our competitors in speed.
  • Convesio offers more.

WooCommerce Hosting with WordPress Hosting Convesio

According to their Performance Plan Conversio is tailored for each WooCommerce shop.

  • Conversio offers a variety of database server types
  • It also includes Cloudflare Edge Performance Enhancement
  • Caching at the server-level with exception rules configured to exclude critical WooCommerce functionality
  • Conversio has improved Page performance optimization
  • Any Issues are monitored and addressed pro-actively, 24 hours a days, seven days a semaine
  • Our customer service team is available to assist you 24 hours a days, 7 days a week via email, chat, or a private Slack channel.
  • WordPress security management with automated malware scanning: They’ll fix any hacks free of charge.

WordPress Hosting For Startups

Convesio, a next-generation WordPress platform, was built with security, performance, and scalability as its main focus.

WordPress can be used in a minimum of 9 containers with a Docker-based solution.

  • Auto-scaling — to handle traffic spikes and advertise your business.
  • High performance – They deploy sites to Google Cloud for high performances.
  • Simple WordPress administration — Use their unique and feature-rich interface.
  • Active support available 24/7 – They offer active assistance seven days a semaine, 24 hours a day.
  • The best part? You can get VPS-like performance starting at $50 per month without any complexity or difficulties.

Best WordPress Hosting Services

Conversio offers the following services:

Secure WordPress Hosting

Around four thousand websites are hacked every day. It is important to find a website hosting company that provides the best level of security.

Convesio achieves this by delivering each website to its own container.

You can host any website in such containers, which offer greater stability and accessibility.

You can also automate malware scanning

The following options are available on Conversio dashboard for each website:

  • Advanced HTTP/HTTPS Compliance Tool
  • Multiple encryption protocols and policies can be set up.
  • Multiple security policies and protocols can be set up.
  • Malware detection – manual or automatic
  • Backup schedules can be customized.

Convesio Pagespeed Optimization Services

It is crucial that a website loads quickly to avoid losing clients or exposing them to competitors.

Websites that take too much time will be irritated by many visitors and result in lost revenue.

To speed up the loading time of your website, there are many things you can do, including image optimization and caching.

Convesio makes it easy to access sites faster than ever by lowering the price of plugins.

Convesio’s highly-scalable, managed WordPress hosting platform will provide optimization services that will dramatically improve page speed and speed.

Convesio offers the following page speed optimization services.

  • CSS Enhancement
  • JavaScript Enhancement
  • Lazy Loading Image Optimization
  • Global CDN Minification Compression Resource Transfer
  • Support for Professional Implementation of Basic QA and Test Optimization

WordPress Scalability Design

Image Credit Conversio

Conversio is able to overcome the challenges of maintaining WordPress in high availability environments by using both open-source and proprietary software.

Convesio’s Scalable WordPress Hosting is deployed successfully on Google Cloud, AWS and Steadfast.

Pricing and plan for Managed WordPress Hosting




There is no setup fee

1. Install

Disk Space: 5 GB

2 vCPUs with 512 MB RAM and 4 workers

Manual scaling of 50GB Bandwidth

Percona DB Shared Database

MariaDB Shared

Automated Malware Removal

Cloudflare Protection

Malware Removal Starting at $150

Click Here



There is no setup charge

1. Install

Disk Space: 10 GB

4 vCPUs and 2 GB RAM. 16 workers

Auto Scaling 100 GB Bandwidth

Percona DB Shared Percona Database

MariaDB Object Cache Pro – Shared Malware Removal

Cloudflare Enterprise Slack Support

For $150, a Percona DB dedicated to you

Click Here


There is no setup charge

1. Install

Disk Space: 10 GB

6 vCPUs and 6 GB RAM. 32 workers

Auto Scaling 300 GB Bandwidth

Percona DB Shared Percona Database

MariaDB Object Cache Pro – Shared Malware Removal

Cloudflare Enterprise Slack Support

For $150, a Percona DB dedicated to you

Click Here


There is no setup charge

1. Install

Disk Space: 10 GB

8 vCPU 12GB Memory 50 Workers 500GB Bandwidth Auto Scaling Redistribution

Percona DB Shared Percona Database

MariaDB Object Cache Pro – Shared Malware Removal

Cloudflare Enterprise Slack Support

For $150, a Percona DB dedicated to you

Click Here



SETUP FEE: $1,000

1 Install a Disk space of 50 GB

Custom Workers 750GB Bandwidth 16 CPU 16 GB Memory

Percona Database Dedicated

Use Dedicated MariaDB Object Cacher Pro to Remove Malware

Cloudflare Enterprise Slack Support

Disk space is $20 for every 10GB and bandwidth $20 per 100GB.

Backup costs $10 for 10GB.

Click Here


SETUP FEE: $1,000

1 Installation 75 GB Disk Space

Custom Workers 20 vCPU 24-GB Memory

Bandwidth of 1TB

Percona Database Dedicated

Use Dedicated MariaDB Object Cacher Pro to Remove Malware

Cloudflare Enterprise Slack Support

Disk space is $20 for every 10GB and bandwidth $20 for each 100GB.

Backup costs $10 for 10GB.

Click Here


SETUP FEE: $1,000

1 Setup 100GB Disk Space

Custom Workers 24 vCPU 32GB Memory

1.5 Terabytes in bandwidth

Percona Database Dedicated

Use Dedicated MariaDB Object Cacher Pro to Remove Malware

Cloudflare Enterprise Slack Support

Disk space is $20 for every 10GB and bandwidth $20 for each 100GB.

Backup costs $10 for 10GB.

Click Here

Plans for Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio offers four pricing options, all of which include the basic support package.

The Foundation Plan — This plan is also suitable for small websites.

Growth Plan — This plan is for websites with high traffic.

Performance Plan — Online stores

Agency Plan — A plan to create a website for your agency.


What is managed WordPress hosting?

This is WordPress-specific hosting and provides simple features that make it easier to manage, secure, and speed up your WordPress website.

Which is Cheapest WordPress hosting?

The best managed WordPress hosting options
WP Engine
A2 Hosting

What Advantage of Managed WordPress Hosting?

These are some of the benefits of managed WordPress hosting.

WordPress specialists are always available for assistance.
Managed WP WordPress is the most secure.
Managed WordPress loads faster and performs better.
With a single click, you can access local environments and staging areas.
Managed WordPress has high functionality that extends beyond server configuration.
An easy SSL certificate is available.
It can resell hosting services.
It is easy to manage your site.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth the investment?

Managed hosting is an excellent investment if you need these features. Although many of these processes can be done by hosting provider or by installing plugins to your website that isn’t managed, these practice can take a while and plugins can cause issues and leave features unsolved.


Convensio has been mentioned by many websites as the best managed WordPress hosting company.

Members of Convensio have access to many hosting options. These include a range of plans as well as services at different rates. This will allow you to easily develop and manage your website.

Convensio’s most important feature is its low-cost start plans. This is ideal for beginners.

It offers customer support that is available 24/7, seven days per week, and is staffed by qualified employees.

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